Saturday, March 17, 2012

Princeton's First Cistern

Now that the Princeton students are here in Malta, the four of us finally have our chance to actually work with the ROV at a cistern. We went to Mdina today to visit a couple of cisterns at private residences there. Despite some confusion about where exactly we were supposed to go, we manged to get access to a pretty interesting cistern. We also got to explore the fortress at Mdina for a while which was pretty fun since none of us had been to anything like it before.

For this deployment, Drew ran the data collection, I piloted, and Anna and Yingxue managed the ROV. After lowering the ROV down the shaft, we found a rather interesting cistern that consisted of a main bell-shaped room with three circular chambers off to the sides. All of them were at slightly different depths but all were about one meter deep. We took 14 scans in all, and Billy says he should be able to make a pretty nice map out of the data we got.

The owner of the house we were working in was very excited to watch us work and see the images of his cistern. He was particularly interested to see just how much water it could hold.

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